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Emergency Water Storage - Super Quick, Affordable Homemade Rain Barrel


Water is life.


It's one of those things you do not really think about - until you run out.


Though there are drought-prone areas of the country that restrict rainwater harvesting, for the majority of us, this is a mostly under-utilized resource.


In the industrialized world, we've ended up being familiar with paying for water. We don't know where it originates from (Lake Michigan?) or care particularly how it got to us, simply that it's there when we need it.


During drought, or if the supply becomes polluted, a water shortage is at the very least a serious hassle. With a garbage can, a hacksaw and a knife, you can begin collecting rainwater to use for gardening, cleaning your vehicle, flushing your toilet, doing laundry and so on.


You will have to filter/purify rainwater in order to drink it. Rainwater can end up being polluted by asphalt shingles, bird droppings on your roofing system, and the dirt, dust and pollen in the air. Get more helpful information about longest hunger strike from this amazing website .


In your home I use a multi-barrel rainwater collection system, joined by pvc pipe, that enables me to considerably enhance my emergency situation water reserves.


For one of the easiest systems possible, you can't beat one big trash can under a downspout.


I went to my regional big box hardware store and purchased the largest plastic garbage can for the least quantity of money, which ended up being a 32 gallon can with cover for $13.


You'll also require a few tools to complete the project:


A hacksaw

An energy knife

A screwdriver



Eliminate the elbows (the bent sections) that connect the downspout to the gutter. You'll also need to get rid of the straps that receive the downspout to the house. Connect the straight section of downspout straight to the rain gutter.


Press the top of the trash bin cover against the bottom of the downspout. Trace around the outside so you can later on cut a tight-fitting opening for the downspout to go through.Know the advantages of silver


With the energy knife, cut the opening for the downspout in the lid. Make it a close fit, however allow enough wiggle room so the cover can move easily up and down the downspout.


Position the garbage can (without the lid on) under the downspout. The downspout must extend only a few inches listed below the rim of the trash bin. Cut off any excess downspout with the hacksaw.


Cut a 1" x 3" hole near the top rim of the garbage can, dealing with away from the house. This will enable excess water to drain. Set the trash bin aside.


Slide the cover up the downspout through the hole you cut in action 3. Position the garbage can under the downspout and slide the cover down to cover the trash can.

To use, just raise the lid and dip in a pitcher.


Repeat this process under every downspout and you could collect numerous gallons of free water after a single rainstorm!